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We're proud of the variety of events we've put on over the past few years. They show just a little of what Tarte’s Hearts can accomplish and how we can make a difference in our community.

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Hearts for Fallen Heroes

Hearts for Sweethearts 2016

Tarte's Hearts returned to Willow Wood Retirement Community for our annual "Hearts for Sweethearts" event! The children made valentines and played games with the seniors to spend quality time and spread love on Valentine's Day!

Hearts for Furry Friends

Tarte's Hearts went to lend a hand to our furry friends at the Broward Humane Society! The children loved learning about what they can do to help animals in the community! Their parents weren't so happy when all of the children begged to adopt more pets...but it was definitely worth it!

Hearts for Hope

Tarte's Hearts took a trip to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital! We brought stuffed animals and arts & crafts to make with the children. We spent quality time and played games with them in hopes to show them our love!

Hearts for Holiday Cheer

There's nothing Tarte's Hearts would have rather done this Christmas than spend time with these amazing heroes. The veterans were so touched that the children came to bring them cards and spread Christmas joy. Words do not come close to describing the impact this has on all of our hearts. Merry Christmas!

Field Trip to the Veterans' Nursing Home 2015

Tarte's Hearts took a field trip today to visit our heroes and give poems and cards to them! Watching the children shed tears as they truly realized what these men and women sacrificed for each and every one of them is priceless. What an amazing day. We are so proud of them!

2014-2015 Tarte's Hearts

Hearts for Heroes 2015

Tarte's Hearts hosted our 2nd Annual "Hearts for Heroes" event to honor our veterans! Veterans visited for a honoring ceremony, and then took the time to speak to our students about their experiences in the military. The children LOVED meeting them and learned so much about the sacrifices that these brave individuals made for our freedom!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this event a success! Tarte's Hearts thanks you for your service!

Hispanic Heritage Dance

Tarte's Hearts celebrated diversity by hosting our Hispanic Heritage Dance ❤ The children had a great time dancing the night away and celebrating Hispanic culture! Check out all the fun in our video!

School Lunch Hero Day 2015

Tarte's Hearts honored cafeteria staff at a local middle school by cooking THEM breakfast for a change and decorating the cafeteria. Then, during each lunch, students gave speeches and gave the ladies flowers and cards to show their appreciation!

Teacher Appreciation Celebration from Tarte's Hearts

Break out the popcorn! Tarte's Hearts honored our local teachers at a middle school by creating a Hollywood theme party with a red carpet and all!

Hearts for Littles 2015

Tarte's Hearts visited Stephen Foster Elementary and Meadowbrook Elementary to perform a "Reader's Theater" play with props, read poetry, and serve as role models and mentors for the younger students. We had an amazing time sharing our values and showing the children that reading can be fun!

National School Counseling Week 2015

Tarte's Hearts made sure to let local guidance counselors know how much they are appreciated every single day for National School Counseling Week by decorating the guidance office and bringing treats to go along with a poster saying "stressed backwards spells desserts." These amazing women do so much for our school and our students! Thank you for all that you do, we love you!!!

Real Men Read 2015

Tarte's Hearts was proud to present "Real Men Read!" We invited men from around the community to visit our local middle school to promote the importance of literacy and reading to our students. They selected an excerpt from their favorite text to read to a class. They served as mentors to the children and served as positive role models. Tarte's Hearts welcomed the men and served them breakfast and then escorted the men to and from their classrooms.

Tarte's Hearts for Sweethearts Valentine's Day 2015

Tarte's Hearts took a trip to the Willow Wood Retirement Community to bring the seniors valentines and gifts for Valentine's Day. We played games and spent quality time with them! They were so happy to spend time with us! The kids had such a nice time and made their day!!! BEST VALENTINE'S DAY EVER

Because of our participation in The Great Kindness Challenge, Tarte's Hearts was able to help a local middle school become KINDNESS CERTIFIED!

Tarte's Hearts is so excited that we were able to help make a difference and create a healthy school environment for students and staff! We were so humbled to receive the e-mail to the left designating us as a Kindness Certified School!

No Name-Calling Week 2015

Tarte's Hearts and Crime Watch had their first successful No Name-Calling Week! We created necklaces that portrayed positive attributes to promote kind words and positive self-esteem for students. We also gave each students three small clothing-pins that they wore throughout the day. If they said something negative to someone else, they lost a pin.

Thank you to all that participated to help create a safe and positive atmosphere for our students! We believe in celebrating kindness while working to create safe schools free of name-calling, bullying and bias. Below is a video to display the positive impact we made!

Coloring Books for the Kids

Tarte's Hearts donated over 40 jumbo coloring books and crayons to children spending their holidays in the Chris Evert Children's Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We hope that these gifts were able to bring smiles to their faces during these difficult times and help life their spirits.


Tarte's Hearts was able to buy a small bicycle, sport equipment, and arts and crafts totaling $80 to participate in Potential Church's Toy Store. Potential Church’s Toy Store has blessed thousands of families by distributing brand new toys and bikes to underprivileged children. This year, they make parents the heroes by collecting the toys and giving them the opportunity to shop through their store at no cost to them.

Wreaths Across America

Tarte's Hearts donated $75 in order to purchase 5 wreaths to place on Veterans' graves in order to honor them for the holidays. We are proud we could help honor our veterans, their families and prepare a new generation to appreciate our freedoms.


Tarte's Hearts donated a $20 Target gift card to help make a difference for families during the holidays.

An amazing surprise from our veterans

Armando and Bill are two proud veterans that volunteered their time for our Hearts for Heroes event, and spoke to our students about their experiences in the military and of the importance of honoring Veterans' Day. They were so touched by Tarte's Hearts mission and passion to make a difference that they honored us with a plaque and a custom mug honoring Marcel Tarte, a Vietnam Veteran and my father, for whom the club was created in memory of. Words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude.


Our 1st Annual Tarte's Hearts Fashion Show was a huge success! On Tuesday, December 16th we were able to collect over 600 articles of clothing to donate to families for the holidays. Our students and staff walked the runway and strutted their stuff for this wonderful cause! Check out this video created by Tarte's Hearts for our event! Thank you to all that contributed!

Hearts for Heroes

Our "Hearts for Heroes" event was a huge success this November 10th in honoring our Veterans! Tarte's Hearts would like to thank all children that wore red, white, and blue and donated $1 to support our heroes. We were able to raise over $250! That money was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and we are now able to send a disabled Veteran to Washington, D.C. for free to attend their Veterans Day ceremony next year on behalf of Tarte's Hearts! Thank you so all of your support!


Tarte's Hearts successfully raised over $230 to donate to Breast Cancer awareness and research during the month of October.


Tarte's Hearts made letters to the families and veterans at the South Florida National Cemetery visiting their loved ones letting them know even know they're gone, they will never be forgotten...I passed them out and they were so grateful to know students know the true meaning of Memorial Day.


On May 17th, 2014, Tarte's Hearts along with hundreds of others marched from Apollo Middle School to McArthur High School to support being Above the Influence. The students and community joined together to show they make healthy life choices and resist peer pressure. The Sun-Sentinel representatives were present to witness this amazing event, and even interviewed Sabrina Ruiz, a member of Tarte's Hearts. The turnout was amazing for such a great cause and we were honored to be able to have been there to experience it!
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